How to Make Your Own Luminamen



You have to download the instructions now before you close the page.

It's your only chance.

DOWNLOAD HERE ==> Download How to Make Your Own Luminamen.doc

I'm not sure if you know this, but she wove Fair O'Nelli's luminamen from threads she pulled from the Aurora Borealis (just like she does for all wee hoomin when they're born). It's their soul star, or what it would look like if they could see it for real.

If you ever played "Connect the Dots," you can do this. It's surprisingly easy, if you go step by step.

Included in the download:

  • A template for drawing on
  • A table that shows you where the letters of your name go on the template.

What you'll need:

  • A ruler
  • A pencil (unless you don't think you'll make mistakes.)
  • A pen
  • A flat surface to draw on

You might want colored pencils to color it in to put on your wall when you're done. Math teachers love this as an assignment to give to their students. Tell a teacher about this!

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