Win A Copy of Torment on RCIA

Contest on Reading Cause I'm Addicted
5 winners will get a copy of Torment (amazing right?)!! 3 winners will be from the UK, and 2 International (aka everywhere else). To enter, you must create a blog post (vlogs are smiled upon) saying why you loved Fallen so much. There’s no actual limit on how long or short the post should be, but it shouldn’t be less than 5 sentences, and it shouldn't be as long as an essay. Vlogs can be in between 30 sec – 5min. Contest ends July 22, 2010.

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Josette said...

Hi Aik and Koey! I found your blog by chance and am glad to know two more Malaysian book bloggers. :) Just became a new follower of your blog. See ya around!

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