A Day @ Ipoh Parade a.k.a. Parkson

My dad was supposed to attend a conference which starts at 8.00 am and ends at 5.00 pm in Ipoh. And of course, we jumped at the opportunity to tag along with him because we usually don't go anywhere far (not that I enjoyed it much).

Dad dropped us at Parkson at 8.15 am, and went to his meeting. And we had to wait for more than an hour before Parkson started its business. Luckily I brought a book there to read.

But there were always these people - chain-smokers who liked to smoke near people. I mean, hey there, if you want to smoke, please go somewhere else! Do you have to stand so close and let me inhale your putrid, asphyxiating second-hand smoke while you go on huffing and puffing and enjoying yourself?

How I wish our government would ban smoking!

After walking around for some time, we went to the second floor and waited for Novelhut to start operating.

I got myself two books, I Am Number Four (!!!) and Love is Hell, a compilation of short stories by some of the most popular writers in US. So excited!

I visited the Thai corner again, this time to buy some clothes. I bought a white T-shirt with the lettering "Don't take my photograph" in pink and a grey camera beside it. It was quite funky and pretty, but I later found out that it was a little too tight. I also bought a pretty dress which is, unfortunately, also a little too tight for me!

Everywhere, I saw girls wearing outfits of the same style. Taiwanese. Yes, they definitely looked pretty, and some were gorgeous, but when you were dressed the same as everyone, then you don't look so outstanding anymore. Not that I agree with Lady Gaga's one-of-a-kind dress code.

I prefer the classic style. Plain, simple and sophisticated.

At 3 o'clock in the evening, I fall asleep on a bench in the mall, resting my head on my sister's shoulders. My sister later told me that a lot of people laughed at me. I responded by saying, "Who cares, anyway. I'm tired and I need rest. That's what matters." I was there for 9 hours, for God's sake! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tired the least bit.

At least I didn't sleep like this:

Or this:

Or this!

Hahaha! I bet you laughed (or smiled)! That's all for today! Bye!

12 creative remarks:

Lily said...

tht's cool

how much did u pay 4 the I am number 4 and love frm hell?

Aik said...

RM 25 and RM 18. Sounds good, right? They are second-hand and have some spine and edge creases.

Lily said...

O, wow,

the price is alright,

they definitely sound good,

you should give prom nights from hell if you can.


Aik said...

I did see a blurb of the book at the end of Love From Hell. Too bad I didn't see a copy at Novelhut. If yes, I'd definitely buy it.

LIly said...

My friend bought the 'love is hell' for rm.9.9.

I went all .. 'GAhh'


Aik said...

Ooohhh! Where did she get it?

Lily said...

I think it was near some popular fair. somewhere near kl i think.

Don't worry, u will find more.

btw, U constantly travel to ipoh right?

I think there's a popular sale there.

Aik said...

That sounds great! I'm on a book buying ban right now - I've too many unread books on my shelf. I even have a few boxes in my wardrobe. Shh...Don't tell anyone!

I only get to visit Ipoh about 3 times a year. In the past, I would save a lot of money just to buy books when I go to Ipoh.

Yes, there's a Popular sale going on in Parkson, but the prices are still quite expensive. I didn't buy anything there as the books are a lot cheaper online at The Book Depository.

Lily said...

Oh, Me too, lots unread, but I can't help it, the books call me! =P

Are there any bookstores nearby where u live?

No way! really? tbd is cheaper? Is it hard to place a order there?

Aik said...

We have a Popular here in Tesco, but its really small, and they don't have many books.

It's true that TBD is cheaper. The currency is in USD / AUD, but if you use a currency converter to see how much it is in MYR, you will find out that it's actually cheaper than most bookstores in Malaysia. For example, Popular is selling a book priced RM 34.90, when it's available for RM 29 on TBD. And they have free shipping worldwide! But there's still some minor risk, like your package is not handled with care and your book ends up having a crease on the flap when it arrives.

Lily said...

Hmm, perhaps a library?

That is kinda shocking, yup, agree about the risk, but honestly, it's probably worth it!

Aik said...

Our public library doesn't have YA books. Most are kids' books and academic books for adults. I don't think they will ever buy YA books because there are some kissing scenes in most of them, and the library is frequented by Malays.

0h, and I forgot to mention, sometimes the package may get lost in the mail.