I'm A Winner!

When fellow friend Mariane posted on my Facebook wall that she saw my story in the papers today, I was intrigued. Unable to repress my curiosity, I went downstairs to check on today's edition of NIE. And what I found really made my day! I'm one of the 10 winners of The Star-MPH Red Riding Hood Reinvented Contest! Better still, I made it to the top 3! It's really exciting to see my story published in a newspaper! Thank you so much for choosing my story, School Stuff! :)


Here's my story:

Rose ran mindlessly through the forest, her heart thumping wildly as adrenaline surged in her veins. She risked a glance backwards once in a while, fear distorting her pretty little face. She could not stop right now, but her lungs were on fire, and her legs were starting to wobble after running through the woods without stopping. Her red hood clung snugly to her figure and the ends billowed in the late evening breeze.

All of a sudden, Rose accidentally tripped and fell, feeling herself swiftly pulled downwards by the invisible forces of gravity. In the blink on an eye, Rose was on all fours, her limbs wounded, painful and sore. She forced herself up, but her left ankle gave way under her weight. Her heart was filled with dread and fear seemed to tighten its grip around her windpipe. She tried her best to crawl on all fours.

“Just where do you think you’re going, little miss?” A man’s mocking voice pricked her ears. Rose’s body stiffened in response and coldness seeped into her bones. Slowly, she turned her head and saw the devilish smile playing on Ethan’s handsome face.

“Please let me go, I promise you I won’t tell anyone!” Rose cried in a desperate effort to save herself.

“Oh no, if I let you go, you’d tell everyone I’m the ‘wolf’ who murdered Anne. I’ll just put a bullet right through your brains and you’ll be gone for good.” His voice held no remorse as he pointed the barrel towards Rose’s forehead.

Feeling defeated, Rose closed her eyes in surrender……


Rose opened her eyes, only to find herself alive, and Ethan dead. He was shot in the heart by her 80-year-old grandmother Emma, whose fragile body was shuddering as she dropped her gun to the ground.

(300 words)


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Allison Macias said...

Wow. Congrats!! Its a great story!

Heather said...

Congratulations! Excellent story. I was pulled right along!

TheGirlOnFire said...

Hey I got Cassidy Jones today and just wanted to thank you again!

buy rift account said...

you are one lucky girl!!:D


vvb32 reads said...

it was grandma!