If I Run by Terri Blackstock

If I Run (If I Run #1)

If I Run is an engaging read, keeping my eyes glued to the pages as I follow Casey's story. It was plausible why Casey would run away when she found her best friend Brent dead even if she was not the killer, because of self-defense instinct. However, it was later revealed that the truth is much darker than what I thought. 

The literal prose is very good - words flows smoothly, good transitions from one point to another and overall very fast-paced and filled with twists which are revealed over time. The characters are well-developed, each with his/her own feelings, emotions and secret fears. 

However, the ending was a little abrupt and took me by surprise as I was expecting a new chapter of Casey's escape from the evil that haunts her. I later found out on Goodreads that this was supposed to be the first book of a new series. That made me feel better, because the story is going to continue.

Even though this is published under Christian-related literature, it is not an overly-religious/preachy type of book. It seemed to me that Casey is portrayed as someone who had lost faith in God but finds it for a short moment towards the end of the book. If I Run is definitely worth reading.


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