Grab 1 and Give Me 1!

Hello my dear readers, I have something to tell you all. Recently, I won WEREling and Dark Moon by Steve Feasey, but the giveaway was for US/CA residents only. I did have a US address when I entered the giveaway, but then my US friend said she had some financial problems and is unable to send me the books from the US giveaways I win anymore. So, here's the deal:

1. I will have the books sent to your home.
2. You can read both of them if you like.
3. Please send either ONE of them to me.
4. You can keep the other one forever!

Anyone who's interested can e-mail me at aikychien(at)yahoo(dot)com
Please let me know a little about yourself, whether you're a book blogger or bookworm.

  • You are a US / CA resident
  • You don't mind to mail 1 of the 2 books to me. International postage costs USD $8 - $10, depending on the weight of the book.
  • You have a stable income.
  • You love to read books!

2 creative remarks:

Beth said...

Great review.

Anonymous said...

I've heard good things about Moran's books. I'd like to read them one day.