In My Mailbox {16}


But then she also bought me a copy of A Chesapeake Shores Christmas by Sherryl Woods even though I told her that it was unnecessary since I had already chosen a copy of Captivate. But she insisted on buying the book for me. So, I'd like to thank her for her kindness and generosity. Thanks, Renee! You can visit her blog at A Path of Joy.


Melissa Marr's Assistant, Donna sent me these Pretty Double Sided Bookmarks SIGNED by Melissa Marr herself! Thanks, Donna!

I'm going to give away one of these + a signed bookplate as shown below to one lucky reader in the near future as a part of a swag pack. I'm currently compiling an assortment of swag, so please be patient!

This is a picture I took from Google Images because my camera is not working. You can visit Melissa Marr HERE. I don't have the book pictured.

Again, a picture I took from Google Image. The items I received are not the ones shown above. Author Kimberly Derting kindly sent me some The Body Finder bookmarks and Desires of The Dead bookmarks + stickers to share with you, my loyal supporters. Thanks, Kim! I'll be adding some of these to the swag pack pile I'm preparing for the giveaway mentioned above.
Update: Thanks to Chris Jasper for sending me some Demon Trapper's Daughter swag! Again, I'm adding some of these to the swag pile. The picture is taken from Google Images, so the items I received are not exactly the ones shown above.

Jana Oliver
UK vs. US
Which is prettier?


Don't forget to enter my giveaway for an e-book of Andy McDougal and the Crypt of the Chimera by Kevin Richardson! It's INTERNATIONAL and ends 16th April, 2011. Entries are low, and I can say that you will definitely win if the number of entries doesn't exceed 20 by the time the contest ends.
And remember to leave a comment on my review for Daughter of Xanadu by Dori Jones Yang and feel free to take the quiz on Goodreads to test your understanding for the book if you've already read the book!

10 creative remarks:

Unknown said...

Love the swag! Happy reading! =^.^=

In My Mailbox

Cass said...

Very nice swag! :D

Happy reading.

Aik said...

@ComaCalm, @Cass: Yeah, I have the same feeling. They absolute eye candies!

Mia said...

Oh, wow! Those are some gorgeous swags! Lucky you!! I hope you enjoy your books :)

Check out my IMM for this week

vvb32 reads said...

ooo, darkest mercy! now your series is complete!
happy reading.

Lily said...

U've got lost mail before?

Just askin' =]

Aik said...

@Lily: Quite many. Usually you've only got two solutions:

a) if the sender is kind enough, he/she will send you a replacement.

b) if you're not that lucky, then just forget about it.

Bibliosaurus Text said...

Oh man! What a nice bit of swag you got this week! And for Demon Trapper's Daughter, I think I prefer the UK version, although just by a hair.

Renee said...

Aik - I'm so glad you got the books. Enjoy reading them!

Also, thanks so much for your kind words. Take care!

Unknown said...

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