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I'm participating in the Mother's Day Contest on Prairie Blossom's blog. Voting will take place from April 20 until Wednesday, April 27 Prairie Blossom Boutique, so please vote for my entry! This is the direct link to my ESSAY. Please note that you have to like the page first before liking my entry. Thanks!

Here's my brief essay:

My mom is a person that you will not look twice when she passes you on the streets. She is neither beautiful nor drop-dead gorgeous. My mom works hard for the family and takes care of our basic needs. She never utter a word of complaint even though her fingers are calloused and her eyes sprout wrinkles. She's a 365-day wife and mother whose sole wish is to see her children grow up happy and healthy. When there is 5 slices of pizza, she will quickly announce that she doesn't like pizza and urges us to eat up our portion.

My mom is a thrifty person. She wears only old clothes at home, and buys new clothes for herself only twice every year - during Chinese New Year and Mooncake Festival. She saves every penny for me and my siblings' future education, giving us all the best and loving us with all her heart.

Mom, if you're reading this, please hear this: Happy Mother's Day, mom! You're the best mother in the world, I would have no other!


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Heather said...

I loved it and am off to vote!

MarthaE said...

How sweet and wonderful Aik!
Good luck with your exams!

Aik said...

Thanks, ladies! :)

Lena Sledge said...

Best of wishes on your exams and the essay contest.