Reasons Not To Hurt Yourself by Cheryl Rainfield


Reasons Not To Hurt Yourself
by Cheryl Rainfield

  • Because you do not deserve to be hurt, not by anyone, not even yourself;
  • Because you deserve the same compassion, kindness, and love that everyone else does, and that you would give to a friend;
  • Because if you hurt yourself, you are repeating and reinforcing what your abusers or people who put you down told you, and none of that is true;
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I think what Cheryl said is very true. We should never inflict harm upon ourselves no matter what. There's a Chinese adage that says, "Every inch of your body is given to you by your parents, so take good care of yourself." In life, there is no dead end. As long as you think positively, you fill certainly find a way to solve your problems. It's just a matter of do and don't. Think twice before you hurt yourself.

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