In My Mailbox {22}


Reckless (Reckless, #1)
Thanks to the Star NIE (@StuffatSchool) crew!

The Autumn Palace (Ondine, #2)
Thanks to Ebony McKenna for ordering this book for me!

by The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel
I saw this on the internet earlier. Not sure if it is good, but the cover is attractive. The design is infused with an Oriental style.

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Daisy said...

I LOVED Wish! Hope you enjoy it as well!
The cover for Reckless is creepy! In a good way.
Happy reading :)

Nina said...

Yay, you got The Autumn Palace (Ondine, #2)! So cute. I'm now in the middle of it and it's so fun! :) You will love it.

Happy Reading.

Anonymous said...

I love IMM posts. I can't get enough of looking at covers. Happy reading.

Heather said...

That's a great looking mailbox! I'm a huge fan of Ebony's and the others look excellent to.

LibrarySnake said...

Oh, wow, they all look so good :)

Here's mine: