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  • Paperback: 252 pages
  • Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing, LLC (February 5, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 193396300X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1933963006
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Ashlyn: A lonely society princess living in New York City.

Daddy hired you to be my bodyguard.

Colin: Childhood enemy, now her protector.

Daddy thought I’d be safe. He thought I’d never fall in love. He thought he could keep me forever.

Charles: obsessed with keeping her safe, keeping her his, he hires the one person he knows she could never fall in love with: Colin.

Daddy was wrong

What would you feel if you were protected like a princess, with bodyguards eying your every move, not unable to make friends like a normal person? Stranded. Lonely. Depressed. It's what Ashyln felt all along.

Unable to overcome the trauma of her daughter's kidnap when she was a child, Charles vowed to do everything he can to keep her safe. He hired bodyguards to keep an eye on Ashlyn, restricted her every move, banned her from a normal social life. Unable to sense her daughter's trapped feeling, he was sure that what he did was right. He was merely protecting her, wasn't it?

Jennifer Lauren's Overprotected is a book that, while quite unbelievable, still manages to charm me. The theme of 'a bird in a golden cage' which she adeptly applied to this story is a convincing approach. The words flow smoothly, and I especially enjoyed the parts where she described Ashlyn's talent with the piano.

The characters felt real and I could relate to their actions, especially Charles. Ashlyn's mother Fiona was a sympathetic creature who hungered for her husband's love and attention. She even tried to ignite her husband's jealousy by faking to develop a romantic interest for Colin, which repulsed Ashlyn.

Overprotected is definitely one of Jennifer Laurens' better novels. I like this much better than Falling For Romeo. However, my favourite is still Heavenly.

Rating: 3.685

Notes: This book contains some kissing fantasies on Ashlyn's part, a real kiss scene between Colin and Ashlyn, a clubbing / partying scene and an attempted (but failed) rape scene.

Jennifer Laurens, aka JM Warwick was born and raised in Southern California and her hometown of Palos Verdes Estates flavors her books: A Season of Eden and An Open Vein. She doesn't limit herself to writing one genre, and was the first to author four romance novels centered around the popular sport of ballroom dancing. Now, she focuses on writing young adult. She has YA novels published under her YA romance name of Jennifer Laurens: Falling for Romeo, Magic Hands, Nailed and the Heavenly series: Heavenly ( 2009) Penitence (2010) and Absolution (2010) A Season of Eden and Overprotected. Two are under her other YA author name: JM Warwick - A Season of Eden and An Open Vein. Jennifer lives in Utah and has 6 children.

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