Book Review : Promise Me Eternity by Ian Fox

Promise Me Eternity
Kindle Edition
Published January 20th 2011
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Dr. Simon Patterson is a successful and well-respected neurosurgeon at Central Hospital in the town of Medford. Married, though without children, he keeps himself so busy that one day is not much different from another. Until, that is, he saves the life of the powerful mobster Carlo Vucci.

At a dinner in honor of Dr. Patterson, Carlo Vucci introduces him to his alluring wife Christine. Simon is entranced by her beauty. Three weeks later, Christine shows up at the hospital, complaining of terrible headaches. Dr. Patterson offers to help her, but Christine did not come to see him just because of her headaches. A series of shocking events follow that turn Dr. Patterson’s life into a nightmare.

I didn't know what to expect when I started reading this book, as I have never read any book by this author previously. Promise Me Eternity is not in my usual reading scope, but I found myself enjoying the book, which is a great thing.

The main character of this book, Dr. Simon Patterson, is someone who is clever but ultimately boring. Although he's a neurosurgeon, he's devoted to experimenting a vaccine that would prolong a man's life, even to the point of locking himself up in a basement for extended hours to conduct his experiment. There's no wonder why his wife Helen is so fed up with him, though she is definitely a materialistic, snobbish woman.

One thing I liked about the book was its unpredictability. The story takes so many twists and turns that you wouldn't know what to expect until the truth has been revealed. However, the story is made up of too many characters that I had to go back and reread certain passages to get a better grip of the story. Personally, I think that certain characters are unneeded and should be cut as their personal lives has nothing to do with the main character's life. The ending of the story is genuinely clever, though it's a little scary.

Overall, Promise Me Eternity is a book that I found to be highly enjoyable despite having some flaws. (Which book doesn't, anyway?) I would recommend it to adults who love a good mystery or thriller. :)

Rating: 4.000

Note of Thanks
Many thanks to the author for providing me with a bound copy of Promise Me Eternity!

About The Author

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Ian Fox was born in Slovenia (EU), and has also lived in the U.S.A., France, and Germany. He is fluent in English, French, and German. Because of his extensive international experience, his books are set in the U.S.A. or Europe. Ian's books have enjoyed great success in Europe. He has published three crime (mystery) novels that have sold very well and been ranked among the top 100 most borrowed library books in Slovenia. He is currently working on two new novels. Enthusiastic readers write to him, saying they can't put his books down and read them in a few days. Individual libraries have ranked his works among the top ten, sometimes even the top five most-borrowed books.

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❤ Stephanie said...

I'm glad you found this one enjoyable — I've been eyeing it for a while now and want to read it now :) Thanks for your thoughts!