Ten by Gretchen McNeil

by Gretchen McNeil

Pages: 296 
Age Group: Young Adult
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Author Info: Blog | Website | Twitter | Facebook 
TEN is terrifying – imagine going to a supposedly party-of-the-year but ended up being trapped in an isolated island where the storms rage constantly and a killer is on the loose. I’m glad I didn’t read this at midnight, which would certainly have negative consequences on my sleep.

I particularly loved the way the author layered her story, starting out with a simple matter which hinted at ominous happenings and adding scare factors little by little until it builds up to a climax. In the White Rock Manor, murders are happening, and one of them is the killer, but who is it?

I enjoyed reading about Meg – her unselfish ways when it comes to her best friend Minnie, her secret crush on cute footballer T.J. who happens to like her back, her quick-thinking and observation skills. Meg always looks out for Minnie even though her best friend is paranoid, selfish and mean. And that really takes ounces of patience and determination. However, what makes me love her is the fire in her that comes out only in dire times, usually when she is determined to save a loved one.

As the story gets more sinister with someone new murdered each few hours, the remaining survivors get more panicked and frightened and starting accusing one another. Each death is caused by a different method, and the killer can be anyone of them. Mistrust is sowed among them and yet they have to stay together if they want to get out of this frightening mess. The question is how many of the TEN who entered the manor can come out alive?

Read the book to find out. 

Rating:  5