Tyranno Le Terrible (Traduction En Anglais) Part 2

1. Cet après-midi-là, Igor alla trouver Tyranno.
That afternoon, Igor searched for Tyranno.

2. Tiens, dit-il de sa voix la plus amicable.
Hello, he said in his most friendly voice.

3. Il fait si chaud, j'ai pensé qu'une bonne glace te ferait sûrement plaisir.
It is so hot, I was thinking that a nice ice-cream would surely please you.

4. Tyranno regarda Igor un moment. Puis il eut un sourire méchant.
Tyranno looked at Igor for a moment. Then he had a wicked smile.

5. Une glace pour moi? Comme c'est gentil!
An ice-cream for me? How nice is that!

6. Tyranno s'empara du cornet de glace et il le renversa sur la tête de Igor.
Tyranno seized the corner of the ice cream and he overturned it on Igor's head.

7. Ha ha ha! s'esclaffa Tyranno, en s'eloignant
Ha ha ha! guffawed Tyranno, and moved away.

8. Igor entendit résonner le rire de Tyranno pendant un long moment.
Igor heard the resonating laughter of Tyranno for a long moment. 

9. Le lendemain, Igor raconta à son amie Platea ce qui s'était passé.
The next day, Igor told his friend Platea what had happened.

10. Tu prends ça trop au sérieux, déclara Platea. Quand cette grosse brute cherche à t'embêter, fais comme si de rien n'était. Reste calme. C'est le seul moyen.
You take this too seriously, declared Platea. When this big bully is looking to annoy you, do as if  nothing had happened. Stay calm. This is the only way.

11. Rester calme quand j'ai peur ne va pas être facile, dit Igor. Mais je veux bien essayer.
Staying calm when I am afraid will not be easy, said Igor. But I want to try.

12. Quand la fois suivante, Igor rencontra Tyranno, il resta calme. 
During the next time Igor met Tyranno, he was calm.

13. Salut, tête de lézard! hurla Tyranno en voyant Igor passer.
Hello, head of lizard! screamed Tyranno while watching Igor passing by.

14. Et si tu me donnais mon sandwich?
And if you were giving me my sandwich?

15. Igor n'y prêta aucune attention, et n'essaya même pas de s'enfuir. Il continua à marcher.
Igor paid no attention, and did not even try to run away. He continued to march on. 

16. Je vois qu'une fois de plus, il va falloir que je me serve, dit Tyranno.
I see that once again, he'll have to serve me, said Tyranno.

17. Il piétina le queue d'Igor jusqu'à ce qu Igor ait lâché / lâche son sandwich.
He trampled Igor's tail until Igor dropped his sandwich.

18. Igor essaya de cacher ses larmes. Mais il avait très mal.
Igor tried to hide his tears. But he had it very bad.

Tyranno Le Terrible (Traduction En Anglais) Part 1

Each sentence will be in French followed by a literal translation in English.

1. Igot était un petit dinosaure. Il vivait avec sa mère et son père dans une grande forêt marécageuse.
Igor was a little dinasour. He lived with his mom and his dad in a swampy forest.

2. Il y avait beaucoup d'enfants dinosaures qui habitaient dans le voisinage d'Igor.
There were many young dinosaurs who lived in Igor's neighborhood.

3. Ils jouaient chaque jour ensemble et Igor s'entendait bien avec tous, tous sauf un...
They played (every day) together and Igor understand (well) everyone, all save for one...

4. Son nom était Tyranno, et on l'appellait généralement Tyranno le terrible.
His name was Tyranno, and they called him (generally) Tyranno the Terrible.

5. C'était un enfant lui aussi, mais il était beaucoup plus grand et plus fort que la plupart des autres gamins.
This was a kid himself too, but he was much more bigger and stronger than most of the other children.

6. C'était une vraie brute. Pour tout dire, il était la prèmiere brute du monde.
This was a real brute. To be honest, he was the number 1 brute in the world.

7. Tyranno aimait surtout s'en prendre à Igor.
Tyranno loved especially to attack/lash out at Igor.

8. Il le tapait, le taquinait, et il voulait toujours son goûter.
He slapped him, teased him, and he wanted (always) his/Igor's snack.

9. Igor essayait de ne jamais se trouver sur le chemin de Tyranno, mais partout où il allait, Tyranno l'attendait.
Igor tried to never cross paths with Tyranno, but wherever he went, Tyranno waited for him.

10. Igor avait chaque soir un peu plus de mal à s'endormir.
Igot (had) every evening a little more trouble falling asleep.

11. Il cherchait sans cesse un moyen pour éviter Tyranno. 
He searched without ceasing, a way to evade Tyranno.

12. Sa situation paraissait désespérée. (from the word paraître)
His situation seemed hopeless.

13. Les camarades d'Igor essayèrent de l'aider.
Igor's comrades tried to help him.

14. Il faudrait que tu deviennes son copain, suggéra Tricéro un jour.
It is necessary that you become his friend, suggested Tricero one day.

15. Plus facile à dire qu'à faire, répondit Igor.
Easier said than done, said Igor.

16. Comment devenir copain avec quelqu'un qui m'a tapé et taquiné toute ma vie?
How to be friends with someone who slapped and teased me my whole life?

17. Tu devrais lui offrir un cadeau pour lui prouver que tu l'aimes bien, dit Tricéro.
You should offer him a present to prove to him that you like him well, said Tricéro.

18. Igor réflechit un moment. Quel genre de cadeau offrir à Tyranno?
Igor reflected for a moment. What type of present to offer Tyranno?

19. Puis il repensa à la façon dont Tyranno s'emparait toujours de ses goûters.
Thereafter, he thought of the way where Tyranno seized (always) his snacks.

20. Un cadeau pour Tyranno? dit-il tout haut. Ça vaut la peine d'essayer.
A gift for Tyranno? He wondered aloud. It's worth the pain to try.

Crow by Barbara Wright

The summer of 1898 is filled with ups and downs for 11-year-old Moses. He's growing apart from his best friend, his superstitious Boo-Nanny butts heads constantly with his pragmatic, educated father, and his mother is reeling from the discovery of a family secret. Yet there are good times, too. He's teaching his grandmother how to read. For the first time she's sharing stories about her life as a slave. And his father and his friends are finally getting the respect and positions of power they've earned in the Wilmington, North Carolina, community. But not everyone is happy with the political changes at play and some will do anything, including a violent plot against the government, to maintain the status quo. One generation away from slavery, a thriving African American community—enfranchised and emancipated—suddenly and violently loses its freedom in turn-of-the-century North Carolina when a group of local politicians stages the only successful coup d'etat in US history. 

Crow depicts the story of the North Carolina community which was deeply-rooted in racism in the 1800's. It was a time where the American society had yet to reach its peak in civilization. It breaks my heart to see how Moses as a 12-year-old child had to suffer various insults and unfair treatments just because of his skin colour. Even though the Constitution guarantees equal rights to all citizens, blacks were considered a class lower than the whites due to their long history in slavery.

Moses' dad was a man of honour and mettle. He was very open in Moses' education and was very patient and understanding whenever Moses made a mistake. He was Moses' early mentor and role model. Moses' grandma boo-nanny was also an interesting character with a tragic past, which led her to disbelieve all whites, thinking them as no-good. She was very adept at making potions to treat illnesses and telling ghost stories.

The story builds up to the occurrence of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, the only successful coup d'etat in American history, and a tragic reminder of what can happen when prejudice, racism and distrust takes root in a society. 

The 'white supremacy' notion reminds me of the 'ketuanan Melayu' (Malay premiere rights) in my own country. Although not as extreme as the 'white supremacy' in 1800's America, it still divides the people between Malay and not-Malay, and this goes deeper into social (school funding, sponsorship and study opportunities abroad), economics (exclusive financial support for Malay businesses and start-ups, exclusive discounts when purchasing houses), and politics (the Prime Minister must be a Malay) issues. We do have our own history of violence (the May 13th incident), caused by racial misunderstanding.

Told from the view from a 12-year-old, Crow is scarily authentic, sad but ultimately hopeful - in the closing scene, Moses' white friend Thomas teaches him his secret crabbing technique and the sun reflects the colors of the rainbow through the sprays of water they sling at each other.