Hottest Boys in Books


In no particular order:

1. Emilio from Babe in Boyland by Jody Gehrman
Babe in Boyland
“Are you mad?" I ask.

"I was." He glances at the ceiling then back at me.

"Or confused, anyway. The whole thing threw me through for a loop. I thought I'd finally met a guy at Underwood I could relate to, and it turns out he wasn't a guy at all."

I swallow. "I can see how that would be weird."

"In a way though, I was relieved."

"Relieved?" I echo. "Why?"

He looks around embarrased. "Let's just say you had me questioning my sexual orientation.”

--- Natalie and Emilio in Babe In Boyland

2. Four from I am Number Four (Lorien Legacies, #1) by Pittacus Lore

“When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.” --- Henri in I am Number Four

“I'm so sorry, Henri," I whisper in his ear. I close my eyes. "I love you. I wouldn't have missed a second of it, either. Not for anything," I whisper. "I'm going to take you back yet. Somehow I am going to get you back to Lorien. We always joked about it but you were my father, the best father I could have ever asked for. I'll never forget you, not for a minute for as long as I live. I love you, Henri. I always did.” --- John Smith (Four) in I am Number Four

This is what Four looks like:
See those gorgeous eyes?

3. Valek from by Poison Study (Study, #1)
“Yelena, you've driven me crazy. You've caused me considerable trouble and I've contemplated ending your life twice since I've known you." Valek's warm breath in my ear sent a shiver down my spine.

"But you’ve slipped under my skin, invaded my blood and seized my heart.”

“That sounds more like a poison than a person,” was all I could say. His confession had both shocked and thrilled me.

“Exactly,” Valek replied. “You have poisoned me.”

Dark Life (Dark Life #1) by Dark Life (Dark Life, #1)

I thrust out my hand. “I’m Ty.”

She hesitated before taking it and, of course, didn’t tug off her dive glove. Among settlers, it would’ve been an insult. But then, Topsiders rarely showed skin except from the neck up. Sometimes not even that.

“I’m Gemma.”

“Gemma.” I couldn’t help smiling. “Like gem o’ the ocean.”

She looked startled. “What’s that from?”

“It’s what we say down here when we come across something pretty.” I realized it sounded like I was saying that she was pretty, which I wasn’t — even though she was. My mouth went dry. “You know, like a shell.” I cleared my throat. “Or a sea slug.”

5. Avi from the by How to Ruin a Summer Vacation (How to Ruin, #1)
“God take care of him, because he's my past and my future”
--- Amy in How To Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation
Boys that Bite (Blood Coven, #1) by Mari Mancusi
Boys that Bite (Blood Coven, #1)
“I can sue you? Cool." I rummage around in my purse for a pen, wanting to write this down. "Under what? Medical malpractice? Assault with a deadly fang?" I look up. "How much you think the courts would award me for that?"

Rayne frowns. "Sunny, stop being a bitch. Can't you see poor Magnus is freaking out here?"

"I need to stop being a bitch? For Magnus's sake?" I stare at her, unbelieving. "Uh, hello? He's the guy who walked up and bit me for absolutely no reason whatsoever.”

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Anne said...

I haven't heard of any of these, but I'm definitely going to look up Boys that Bite.

Cayce said...

I love Four, too :)
Haven't read the others....

Aik said...

@Anne: Boys That Bite was surprisingly funny and enjoyable! You would like it if you enjoy light humour and paranormal.

@Cayce: All the others made it to my favourites list. You should totally read them.

Heather said...

Oooo, Boys That Bite. With a title like that, how can I NOT read it?!

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i would love to read and then i love to blgon them
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