Guess + What's Next?

I stayed up the whole night, reading a super-engrossing book, unable to pull myself out from the fictional world the author created with his genius mind. Can you guess what book is that?


Next on my reading pile:

Paperback, 292 pages
Published July 1st 2010 by Yorkshire Publishing

What if your gift was a curse?

To a casual passerby, Lilly Paige is anything but special. As a seventeen year old, she is faced with all the complications of a teenager, but deep down there is much more.

Lilly has a gift, though sometimes it seems to be a curse. Lilly can peer into the hearts of others - their deepest, darkest secrets are there for Lilly to see - but to what end? Raised by aloof parents, Lilly has been independent her whole life, but soon she will need to rely on her friends to evade an evil that has sold her gift to the highest bidder on the black market.

Lilly and her four closest friends are immersed in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, that will not only reveal more about Lilly's gift, but also her link to an old Russian prophecy. Can Lilly and her friends escape the danger that is so close they can practically feel it? Where will their perilous journey lead them - to darkness or light?

2 creative remarks:

Dana - Let's Book It said...

That's not fair! Tell!

Aik said...

No worries, its "identity" will be revealed soon!