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I've been book tagged by Mad Book Worm from Books With Marshmallows!

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So here are Mad Book Worm's questions for me:

1) When did you first start getting addicted to books. And how?
I have a vague recollection of my mother reading stories to me when I was a kid, and I have always been fascinated by story books ever since I was a child. I got addicted to books when I picked up one of Enid Blyton's books for children. I grew up savouring his stories in which animals could talk and pixies help people.

2) What is the book that you found yourself wanting to read it again?
I rarely re-read books. When I do, I only read some simple fairytales which probably takes 5 minutes to complete.

3) How often do you update your blog? And does the design of the blog matters to you more than the content?
I used to blog almost everyday back when I was a high school student. Now, I update my blog at least twice a week due to my long working hours at my aunt's law firm as a clerk. And blog designs do matter to me as I know pretty blog designs can attract eyeballs (literally), and readers will have a lovely time reading my blog. However, ultimately, content is king.

4) If you could live in a book, what book would that be?
Let's see... How about Dark Life by ? I would love to explore every nook and cranny of the amazing underwater world presented in the novel. And it would be even better if I eventually develop a Dark Gift. (You can read my review HERE)

5) If you could bring out something from a book, what would that be?
I would bring out Avi from the How to Ruin Series by , and he can be my boyfriend! Sorry, Amy, but I think you'll just have to be content with Nate! Oops, sorry... I didn't read the question well. It's a something, not someone. I'd bring out Harry Potter's Wand, and I'd get to perform all sorts of unexplainable magic. Maybe I'll even be the next Copperfield.

6) How do you like to read your books? Lying down in bed or sprawled on the floor?
I love reading in bed. :)

7) Do you want to be a writer? And what author would you want to choose as a mentor?
I don't think I have the qualifications to be a writer. But if I were to be a writer, I'd choose Michelle Moran and Maria V. Snyder as my mentor.

8) What is your favourite quote from a book that you read recently?
“Ember, you're the only piece of me I have left. Everything else-my family, my home, my soul- they're all gone. I don't know who the hell I am anymore. If it weren't for you... I don't know.” --- Chase Jennings from Article 5

9) What is your favourite book to movie adaption?
The Harry Potter series! And I'm sure the soon-to-be-released Hunger Games movie would be a hit!

10) Has there been any book(s) that you just can't finish reading it?
Yes. The Photograph by Penelope Lively.

11) Who is your ultimate fictional crush and why?
Avi from the How to Ruin Series by He's a hot Israeli hunk! OK, I'm kidding. I'm not that shallow. I think I like him because he exudes a sense of calm and maturity. He is strong (both physically and mentally) and caring at the same time - I think i will feel safe with a guy like him.

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Here are my questions for you:

  1. What is/are your favourite book(s) and author(s)?
  2. What do you think is the most important element in a novel?
  3. If you can have a dinner with any fictional character (living or dead), who would you choose to dine with?
  4. Who is your book-boyfriend/girlfriend? Why do you like him/her?
  5. What kind of swag do you prefer?
  6. Are you a fan of book-inspired jewelry? If yes, can you share some details about your collection?
  7. Do you eat snacks while you are reading? If yes, then what type of snacks?
  8. Do you find it hard to balance between work and blogging? What are your solutions to this problem?
  9. What is the one thing that inspires you and motivates you to keep blogging?
  10. E-books or printed books?
  11. What are the books that made you whoop with joy / shed painful tears / haunt your mind for days after you've read them?

2 creative remarks:

Dana - Let's Book It said...

I love reading tags! It's so nice to get to know more about you.

Melanie said...

If I wanted to be a writer, I'd want Maria V. Snyder to be my mentor as well. She's one of my favorite YA authors!